Zombies Ala Mode

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Once loaded you are presented with stylish, quirky illustrations with humourous audio which we’ve come to expect from Crawl Space (Elevate Entertainment LLC), in fact, I strongly believe their team should develop a spin-off comic using characters from their titles, which is then made available to gamers who purchased Zombies Ala Mode.

Now back to the game; using the tilt sensor (accelerometer) as the main method of control, you play as a (zombie) assistant in a Gelateria and must tilt the device to catch the falling ice-cream scoops and match up the orders for the hungry zombies waiting impatiently. Time is of the essence, as well as matching the correct amount of scoops and specific flavour combination’s for particular undead customers. Sounds simple, but you must also avoid falling obstacles, such as bicycle wheels, as getting hit can slow you down and in turn upset the customer.

At the end of each level you are awarded tips ($) calculated on your achievements and customer satisfaction which you can then spend in the store to upgrade your tip enhancement or protect your head from the already mentioned obstacles. All this is presented clearly and visually appealing with the tasty graphics and makes the overall experience of the game a joy to play.

I think it’s refreshing to play a game which isn’t a dual-thumb shooter and looks at ways of being original in both it’s content and method of control. Yes, I know zombies games have been done to death (no pun intended), but Zombies Ala Mode is fun, fresh and colourful. It won’t be everyone’s cup or tea but worth a look for those wanting an enjoyable game which is easy to get into. I look forward to future updates to tweak and improve the game and in the meantime make mine a double chocolate please.


Zombies Ala Mode™, v1.1
Developer: Elevate Entertainment LLC. (9+)
Price: 1.19


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