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Stunt Bunnies Circus

Just the name alone brings a smile to my face and once I had watched the launch trailer my grinned widened and I noted this game for one to own.
Now that I’ve finally got round to playing it and completing Story Mode, yes, we like to play the games extensively before reviewing them! I’m completely satisfied with this highly enjoyable and fun casual game from indie publishers, Chilibite Games.

You star as Jet Bunny working in the circus, who must save his bouncing stunt buddies from the evil but charming Ringmaster Fox, Claude Reynard, who believes in entertainment first and safety second! This means that there are bunnies flying out of canons all over the screen and by simply swiping or tapping the screen you fire Jet Bunny to catch the falling feathered friends. With the controls and the game mechanic this simple, there’s no where to hide for the developers, but with crisp, cute, cartoon style graphics and very entertaining audio and sfx, alongside the fun game play, Stunt Bunnies Circus is a real winner.

To help Jet Bunny save the bunnies and the day, there are a number of power-ups which can be bought with the coins earned within the game or if you fancy jump starting your progress you can use IAP’s. My favourite is the magical green carrot from the Sage Bunny, which allows you to move in slow-mo, a bit like ‘bullet time’. So far Stunt Bunnies Circus is a great game, but I have 2 minor issues with it. Firstly, there should be an option to disable the tutorial / cut scenes, I know they’re cute I hear you cry, but on the upteenth time round playing the game it gets a little boring, especially when you want to dive straight in to play! Secondly, to repeat play a level within a chapter of Story Mode to get a 3-star performance, you need to return to the home screen and that gets a little annoying also. However, don’t let these minor issues affect you not buying the game.

Overall: A highly original game with great audio, sweet graphics and fun game play. 40 levels might not be enough to satisfy a lot of gamers, so please buy this now for the very cheap price of 69p so that it can be updated with new levels.


Stunt Bunnies Circus, 1.0.1 – Developer: Chilibite S.L (4+) – Price: 69p


Escape from Age Of Monsters

Here we go again, another endless runner for your fingers to get to grips with, but here at AppZilla we don’t judge, we just play and then review. I missed Escape from Age Of Monsters first time around but discovered it on the usual channels when it was offered for free last week.

You play as the hero, running through the building escaping the hoarde of chasing monsters all with 2 kids in tow, nice little twist on the genre, I’ll get to this in a minute. As per usual speed of movement is controlled by the game but you gain control the his left and right fists, why? So you can smash the walls and monsters that block your path of course. By giving (limited) control back to the gamer should allow for a more fun engaging game but there’s something not quite right, maybe the controls aren’t fluid enough for my liking. The twist of having 2 kids follow you is a great addition, as when you stumble or make a mistake the monsters go for the nearest kid first giving you a chance to carry on escaping. So effectively by using the kids as monster food you get another 2 lives!

I must confess up front I didn’t enjoy my first playing of Escape from Age Of Monsters, I wanted to, the artwork is very stylistic and graphic (think Burton meets Image Comics) and the developers have gone to the trouble to create a fun and humorous narrative. All send and done it just didn’t punch me in the face and hook me in, plus the user interface wasn’t that great either. If I’m being picky, the menu screens look rushed and the user journey could be better though out.

Overall: Sweet looking stylish graphics with great audio, all wrapped in a nice idea, however falls short on the all important game play for me. If you don’t agree, please let me know in the comments below.


Escape from Age of Monsters, 1.1 – Developer: Ayopa Games LLC (9+) – Price: FREE


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